Never let something stop you. Never.

Never stop loving someone even if they won't talk to you. Never.

Never tell yourself that it will all end soon. Never.

Never say you can't, because I know you can. Always.


What drives you?

What’s your motivation? I found myself questioning this today. What drives you to do what you do?

It’s you. You drive me to do what I do. You still do. Even after all this time. Most likely always. Why? You gave me the confidence I needed. I never thought I was good enough until you came along. Until you showed your support and watched all my shows. When you spent the whole day at the theater with me while I practiced for the show that night. You told me to follow my heart, you knew it was with dance. You knew I wanted to dance more than I wanted to become a surgeon. You supported me.

And I dance for you. Because I hope that one day, you’ll see me dance and you’ll know each movement, each port de bras, each developpé, each spin, each jump, it’s all been for you. To show how thankful I am. I once told myself before that the only way I would be able to fully express my feelings to you was through dance. Who knew it might be so true? You can’t watch me now, but I hope that someday you do. And that you realize I dance for you. I dedicate it all to you. Even after all this time. Always. You are my motivation.

That, Ms.Sumi, is why I’ve gotten so much better than last year.

"You’re the clumsiest person I’ve met. But you’re the most graceful dancer I’ve met too."

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